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It was a let down after finishing the book, but I’ve also got another film up on the score board.

Sex and the City (en français)

After finishing the book, I was in the mood for more french exposure. The DVD player already had a disc of Sex and the City in it, so I went to the menu and added French audio and subtitles. Having seen the episodes before, I could get a general gist of what was going on, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly what happened. As a result, it probably wasn’t the best learning experience, but if nothing else it gave me some good practice. I’m picking up more than just ‘Je ne sais pas’ when listening now, recognising quite a bit. Interestingly, the book I read talked about kissing and marriage, which is definitely in the plot of most Sex and the City episodes, so I even picked up on the new things I had learnt. I really enjoyed that. I watched 5 episodes or so, one of them twice, which totalled at around 120 minutes.

All in all, I could definitely watch these episodes again, but I probably won’t do so intentionally in the challenge.