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Yes, that’s right! I’ve completed a book!

Il fait Beau (easy french reader)

This book is an easy book that follows Benoît and Marie-Anne. The tale has 3 parts, with questions at the end of each. The language is really simple, and gradually builds. There is a great deal of repetition too, so I can understand pretty much all the content when reading now. I’m definitely going to continue with the remaining books in the series, although by the end I was sick of reading “L’histoire. Mon histoire, c’est l’histoire d’un homme. Et oui, l’homme c’est moi Benoît”. Throughout the text it was repeated, adding in little things about Benoît’s profession (musicien) and his dog (Andrè). I suppose it did get more interesting towards the end, which helped. All in all, a great book for beginners.