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So the challenges have begun! My kindle seems to be playing up, so I’ve been stuck and now have to read my ebooks on my computer and/or ipad until I can remedy this. Of course, my iPad is flat and I can’t charge it until later today, making my on-the-go reading near impossible.

On the positive, I put on a film while I was doing the dishes, expecting not to get very far. I soon started watching the film only, not doing dishes, until it was complete. Yes, that’s right, I’ve done a film!

1. Dora L’Exploratrice:

This went for 90minutes and was a struggle at first. I’ve seen bits of Dora the Explorer in English before, but it was released when I was 9 or so years old, so I was too old to watch it properly. After 30minutes or so, it became easier to watch and I became absorbed. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand all of it, but enough to follow the story. I had no subtitles, which made it a little difficult, as I would have liked some french subs to help me interpret what I am listening to. I believe my reading skills are better than my listening, so that could have helped. That said, I understood enough to follow what was going on, mainly because the show is aimed at 4 year olds. All in all, enjoyable I suppose but I don’t want to have to watch it again!

Other than this, I did an hour of reading last night, but I couldn’t stand reading on my computer and ended up going to bed. Looking forward to getting through my first book which will make me feel so accomplished!