I am doing the Super Duper challenge, only in writing. This adds 100 pieces of writing to the challenge.

I’m not 100% sure what the rules are with these pieces of writing, but the bot is counting them as 200 words. I plan to write occasionally and put the writing here on my blog and on lang-8.

I will then make sure they are linked to this page. There are 87 weeks in the Super Challenge, so really, I need to cover 1 book, 1 movie and 1 piece of writing every 6 days. The movies and writing aren’t so much of a challenge, but the books will be.

Once I’m more confident with my french, I will try to review each book/movie I see, or at least every second of each, in french, which can then be my essays.

1. Bonjour (6/05/12) – available at lang-8 here.


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