As I write this, there are 6 hours and 9 minutes until the challenge begins. Make that 8.

While others have been dutifully reviewing grammar over the past week, I’ve done nothing more than listen to some french music while driving (and that was limited) and watched/listened to How I Met Your Mother in French. My real life has been crazy and slows down just long enough for me to have a good start to the challenge in the first week.

I’m planning to start with Il Fait Beau, a graded reader on my kindle. It’s relatively easy, and I can easily without dictionary assistance. Even better, it’s aimed at adults so it’s not a tiny book (but small compared to others). It basically uses the same words the whole way through, slowly introducing more difficult words, with some harder content in the back. It also has quizes at the end of each chapter.

I’ve read a third of it already, but stopped reading when I decided to do the challenge. I plan to start again at midnight and see how far I can get. It is over 100 pages and easy enough that I can read in a few hours, if need be. Or at least I think so. It would be great to finish a book in the first week.

From there, I will continue on to the books later in the series. I believe there are 2 that follow. After, onto a different, but similar series.

Technically, il fait beau will not be the first french book I will have read. I read Le Petit Prince last year, or the year before, and I have a french copy of the velveteen rabbit at home somewhere. I was given it when I was 3 or 4 by some relatives of mine from france. I haven’t read it since I’ve been learning french, but I definitely read it a couple of times as a kid.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with movies. Between my Buffy DVD’s, my housemates Sex and the City, Ally McBeal and Boston Legal, plus the Gilmore Girls and other shows I have back home, I definitely have enough to fill the 100 Movies requisite. It would be great to cover it using only movies though. We’ll see. I suppose I do have French Dora the Explorer too. hmm.

Anyway, there are now 5 hours and 55 minutes until the challenge begins. Good luck to those of you doing the challenge!