Bonjour! Je suis un débutant en français et nous espérons compléter HTLAL Super Challenge. Je voudrais améliorer mon français. et je suis fait.

So yes, I am a relative beginner in the French language. I have been ‘learning’ on and off for a few years, but now have gotten serious. In my attempt to learn French, I will be partaking in the Super Challenge over at HTLAL.

Basically, this challenge entails reading 100 books and watching 100 movies over the course of 20 months. Oh and it must be done in the ‘target language’, for me, French.

As a veritable beginner, this is going to be a très super challenge.

So the rules:

  • Every film counts as long as they have at least voice or subtitles in the TL
  • TV shows can be used. If it lasts less than 45 minutes (a show/series) it counts as half a film. If it lasts for more than three hours it counts as two films.
  • Audiobooks and podcasts count as films. 1 hour and a half is equivalent to 1 film
  • Every book counts. If it is less than a 100 pages, it counts as half a book. If it is more than 500 pages it counts as two books. This will be difficult for me as most of the books/easy readers I plan to read are less than one hundred pages.
  • You can read and watch things more than once
  • Manga and other articles count. Generally the rule that 100 pages equals a book applies. A manga counts as 20% of a book.

So here I am, ready to learn through regarder et à lire (watching and reading).


Corrections to my French:

Bonjour ! Je suis une débutante en français et j’espère compléter HTLAL Super Challenge. Je voudrai améliorer mon français. Et j’ai fini.