6 days (7 including today) left to go! I’m really quite excited, but I know I can’t go ‘hard-core’ like I would prefer to.

I had a look at Harry Potter the other night after a post in my forum log suggested it may not be as hard as I would think. While it took me a good 5 minutes to decode the first sentence with the help of my dictionary, I succeeded. I know that I could make it through the book this way if need be, but I’m hoping by the time I get to Harry Potter I have less reliance on the dictionary.

To do my close reading, I photocopied the first page of the book, with one half of the page blank. I then used the french I know and the dictionary to translate, writing it out as I went. I found that this helped me to remember both the meaning of the words and what the sentence was. If I had continued on the page, I would still be able to look over what I had previously read without having to get out the dictionary again.

In other news, my package with Assimil shipped a few hours ago. Now I only have a 10-15 day wait! Yay!

And back to the waiting I go.